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Pu Erh is post-fermented tea. It is a large leaf tea variety, and is grown and picked throughout the year, unlike other teas that require a dormant season.

Raw pu-erh (Sheng) is much milder tasting pu-erh, it is more green in character, colour and flavour. The leaves are picked, sundried and compressed allowing a natural aging process. Cooked pu-erh (Shu) – The tea is picked, processed and partially fired allowing the leaves to retain moisture. The slightly moist tea is then piled.

Raw pu-erh has a lighter grassy flavour, whereas cooked pu-erh is more full bodied and earthy. It is extremely healthy. The fermentation process makes natural statins, which help to lower your cholesterol. It is recommended for drinking after a rich heavy meal, as a digestive.